Windows Audio DJ's

Mix your digital music with one of the most popular DJ programs on the planet


Easily create professional song mixes

Tons of effects and editing tools


Limited tools in the free version

Takes up a lot of space on your hard disk

Audio quality depends on your sound card

Virtual DJ replaces your turntable and CD player and allows you to create professional music mixes from your PC.

Simple yet feature-packed interface

Virtual DJ’s mixing console might seem daunting at first, but you’ll soon discover how easy and intuitive it is to use, with the most important mixing tools right at your fingertips.

To start any project simply load the songs you want to use and lay them on your turntables. From there, you can start adding effects, loops, and more, adjusting as you listen. Importantly, the program lets you mix 2 or more tracks at once.

Tons of effects

Virtual DJ is packed with effects and editing tools to tweak your own unique mix: from classics like loops and scratches to more edgy effects like beatgrid, slicer, loop-roll.

You can also make basic tweaks like adjusting the bass, changing mix speeds to match the tempo, adding echoes, and more.

Mix with vids and share your creations

With VirtualDJ you aren’t only limited to audio mixing. The program also lets you mix videos, adding different effects and transitions. You can share your creations between PC’s connected to the same network, and even transmit your mixes to streaming radio and share them with other users (so long as you have a Virtual DJ account).


Virtual DJ os your digital turntable for creating professional music mixes on your computer.


Tons of audio effects and editing tools
Mix videos
2 or more tracks at once

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