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Download all kinds of content via torrent files


Easy to use and super-fast downloads

Lightweight, doesn’t hog system resources


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µTorrent is a free program that allows you to download all kinds of files (video, music, software etc) via torrent files, using P2P and file-sharing software.

How does it work?

µTorrent is a P2P BitTorrent client, a simple piece of software that makes downloading files like music, videos, images, and programs fast by using torrent files to connect uploaders and downloaders for fast data exchange. µTorrent has a simple interface and files can be downloaded in several ways: 

Adding torrent files from your computer: simply select the folder where the torrent can be found, add it, and choose where  you’d like torrents to be saved to. If the torrent file includes various files, a list of its contents will appear for you to pick and choose which you want to download.
Adding torrents from a URL: as simple as copying the URL of the web page in question, and following the above steps.
Adding torrents with an RSS: Advanced users, and those who downlaod frequently will find this the most effective option. It requires some simple initial setup in which you need to include the URLs of the download portals that have an RSS feed. Each time a portal is updated with new torrents, you’ll get an alert prompting you to download the ones you’re interested in, either automatically or manually choosing the ones you want.

What are seeds?

Files are downloaded  from other users who have the complete files which they share via µTorrent, hence seeds: the more users sharing the same file, the more seeds it’ll have, and the faster the download. Once the file has downloaded, it’ll stay in your µTorrent for other users to download via your file.

µTorrent downloads files fast and efficiently, without slowing down your internet if you’re browsing or performing other activities online at the same time.


µTorrent is a super popular BitTorrent client for downloading all manner of content via torrent files


Fast file downloads
Auto download files via RSS feeds
Simple settings options