Windows File management

Reveal the hidden and lost files on your USB memory stick


Find hidden files and restore deleted ones

No install required



Can’t detect viruses in files

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted or lost a file you really need to lay your hands on, USB Show has got your back. This amazing useful program scans the disks connected to your PC, searching for hidden folders and files, and reveals them instantaneously

Restore files you thought you’d lost forever

USB Show allows you to recover files that have been deleted or have been hidden for whatever reason. The program is able to locate any file, whether on your hard disk, on a USB drive or an SD card.

USB Show is able to detect hidden files that may have been created intentionally by some malware, or even those that have been deleted from the storage device. It also detects files that a virus may have left hidden that you can not find manually.

Search, find, and analyze

USB Show is really easy to use and requires no installation. Simply indicate the file you want to save the files it seeks out, and the program will do the rest.

We recommend you always scan your devices with an antivirus program, since USB Show can’t actually detect malware or viruses that may have hidden themselves in any of your files.


USB Show is a handy program that helps you find hidden files and restore deleted files on your USB memory stick.


Easy to use
Find hidden files
Restore deleted files

USB Show