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Stay anonymous when you’re surfing the net


Great level of protection when browsing

Easy to install


Connections can take a while

With Tor Browser you can safely and anonymously browse the net, protecting your privacy and ensuring nobody can track your movements.

How does it work?

Tor Browser can be installed either on your computer’s hard drive or used on a USB drive, making it a portable browser you can take with you and use on any computer.

Once installation is complete, a new window in which you have to press the Connect button appears (that is, if your computer is connected to a network that doesn’t have any kind of blocks or controls already active, which is normally the case).  Tor Browser comes ready configured so you don’t need to do a thing.

Once connected to the Tor server, all pages that you visit are protected. No other browser can offer you this level of protection. Nobody can track your movements, or discover your actual location.

No browsing history or cookies

Once you're done browsing, simply click ‘x’ to exit Tor browser. Once you’re out, all your browsing is left behind. No browsing history will be logged, nor cookies stored on your computer.


Tor Browser is part of the Tor Project, specializing in keeping all your internet activities safe and anonymous.


Browse the web anonymously
Install on your hard disk or on USB pen drive
Easy to use

Tor Browser