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The world’s favorite online music streaming service


Listen to music online for free

Easy to use


Ads between songs in the free version

With Spotify you can listen to a music online from a massive catalog of artists. It’s legal, it’s free for basic options, and includes advanced options for mega music fans.

How do you use Spotify?

First off, you need to download the program and create an account, which you can do using your Facebook account (so you can share the music you’re listening to on Spotify via Facebook). Once you’re in, you can start searching for music and artists to listen to.

Once you’ve found an artist, you can see their most listened to tracks and ‘follow’ them to get notifications every time a new song by said artist is available. If they use Spotify too, you can even check out what they like to listen to, helping you to discover new artists recommended by your idols. You can follow your friends and other ‘normal’ users too to catch even more great music tips.

Discover new music via smart recommendations

With Spotify’s great Discover Weekly feature, you’ll get a brand new playlist each week, based on similar tracks to the the artists and songs you like listening to. You’ll also find Recommended Songs available below each of the playlists you create, with a preview clip for each so you can get a taster of a track without having to listen to the whole thing.

Create your own playlists

Spotify lets you create your own playlists for your different moods, and you can also create a Spotify Radio station at any time by right clicking on a song, album, artist, or playlist. Click the thumbs up or thumbs down icons when a track is playing and the station improves to match your tastes.

Go free or go Premium

A free account with Spotify lets you enjoy the entire catalog for free with a few catches, including a pause with adverts every few songs.

With Spotify Premium you can enjoy music uninterrupted, and even download tracks and playlists to enjoy them offline.


Spotify is a massive online music streaming service with a huge catalog of artists and songs.


Huge catalog of songs
Recommended Songs and Discovery Weekly
Follow users and artists
Free or Premium account