Windows Image & Design

A powerful yet easy to use image editor


Easy and intuitive

Multiple editing tools

Community forum with tips and help


Not for advanced users, only up to intermediate level

Paint.Net is a powerful program for editing and touching up all of your photos and images. Though it's not necessarily intended for advanced users and is more suitable for intermediates,  it produces professional results and is easy to use.

Work on several images at the same time

Paint.Net lets you work on various images at once, witha thumbnail view of each image so you can quickly switch between.

Multiple tools

The program contains basic and familiar options for any photo editor, such as color adjustment, saturation, and contrast and brightness, among others. Besides that, it also has a variety of special effects tools: red-eye correction, noise correction and blur, distortion, etc. ) . Paint.NET also has additional tools for creating all kinds of shapes and curves, and let you easily work with selections, clone, edit, or delete sections of an image, add text and more.

Paint.NET also lets you rotate and zoom in on images to add a different perspecitive or tilt it slightly.

Learn to use the tools and get solutions to your problems in the Community

The program includes a community Forum where you can find all number of tips, tricks, and tutorials from other users, or get help with any issues you may be having. There’s also a huge array of plugins on offer to help you get even more out of Paint.NET.

The program is constantly updated with new (and free!) options.


Paint.NET is a free and really easy-to-use image and photo editor with a ton of great editing tools.


Easy to use interfaces
Tons of editing and retouching tools
Tutorials, tips, and plugins from the community