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The alternative browser: fast, convenient, and secure


Simple and fast

Clean and minimalist design


No revolutionary or standout features

The Opera browser is one of the most popular and well known on the market, loved especially for its minimalist design and focus on providing an quick and efficient, uninterrupted browsing experience. Even slower PCs can benefit from faster loading times thanks to Opera Turbo compressing the pages for quicker browsing.

An ad-free web

Opera is the first major browser that can block ads for you without you having to install any add-ons, making web pages load up to 90% faster.

Better usability

Opera offers visual bookmarks, tab cycling and customizable shortcuts, keeping you on track and saving you time. Plus its video pop out feature - a floating, moveable video frame - lets you keep browsing or work in other apps without missing any of the action.

Can I personalize my browsing?

You sure can. Opera includes 1000’s of extensions and themes to download and customize your browsing experience to perfection.

Does it sync with other devices?

It certainly does. Opera lets you easily pick up where you left up, whichever device you pick up. Just sign in to your Opera account to sync browsing data - bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and typed history (make sure you only do so on devices that are for your personal use only).

With Opera’s news feature, you can get in the loop with the latest articles straight from the browser’s start page.


Surf the net with this simple, high-speed browser and complete tasks at the same time


Quick and easy
Built-in ad-blockers
Floating videos
1000’s of themes and extensions