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Focus on privacy

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Syncing with iOS

Mozilla Firefox is the preferred browser of millions: it’s quick, safe, and good-looking, and is also one of the easiest browsers to use. As soon as you’ve installed it, you can start browsing, and adding URLs to your favorite pages by simply clicking on the star in the top right of the toolbar.


Firefox is one of the most flexible browsers out there. Customize and dress up the look with themes, choose your favorite add-ons, and be wowed by the ‘awesome’ bar that learns which your favorite sites are so you don’t have to remember them.

Privacy protection

his modern browser is specifically designed to protect your privacy. Private browsing means that Firefox won’t save things like your browsing history, searches or cookies, but it will keep new bookmarks and files you download. Its Tracking Protection feature also minimizes the ability of hidden third parties from tracking your browsing activity across many sites.

Hello Video Chat

Firefox has got even more social with Firefox Hello, a new feature to help nudge us into sharing content and links with friends directly from the browser. To start a chat with pals (who you can invite by mail, facebook, or by simply copying the link), simply click on the Hello button and start sharing.


Mozilla Firefox’s a super fast browser that puts privacy and personalization above all


Quicker than the average browser
Instant syncing
Private browsing
Firefox Hello for sharing with friends

Mozilla Firefox