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Instantly download files from any web page


Download files from different web pages

Pause and resume downloads


Sometimes doesn’t detect all links

Some downloads take longer than others, depending on the web page

JDownloader lets you automatically download multiple files from different web pages at the same time. It supports links from various sites, including Mega, 4shared, MediaFire, Fileserve, and many, many more.

How does it work?

JDownloader is very easy to use: simple copy the URL of the page where you want to download the file (it even accepts encrypted links) and add it to the program.

JDownloader lets you download files simultaneously from different web pages, though bear in mind that you shouldn’t try to download too many files at the same time or it will affect the speed. You can queue files for download so that, once one has finished, another automatically starts, without you having to watch over it. The program also recognizes different web captcha types, so that they can be resolved so you can bypass or skip them, rather than having to type in them each time you go to download.

Once the file download is complete, if the file is compressed RAR format, JDownloader will automatically decompress the contents you have selected. It also gathers together files that are separated into multiple parts into one. With JDownloader you can also download videos from sites like Vimeo, YouTube, and more.

What if you need to stop a download?

If you need to stop a download, you can simply pause it, then resume it later when you’re ready (and it’ll pick up from where it left off). JDownloader lets you resume a download from most pages, though not all, and sometimes you’ll have to start from square one again.

You should bear in mind that some websites impose a waiting time between downloads, which includes when a download is paused. The waiting time depends on the website, but could be anything from 10 to 30 minutes, right up to an hour.


JDownloader is a popular program that allows you to download multiple files from different web pages at the same time.


Download any file types
Download compressed RAR files
Simultaneous downloads
Pause and resume downloads