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Huge catalog

Easy to use


Occupies a fair bit of space

Tricky to integrate with Apple Music

iTunes is a multimedia library and media player for all of your entertainment needs. Organize your songs, music, movies and podcasts, download content from the iTunes store and use Apple Music, and manage all of your iOS devices.

iTunes sections

Organize and listen to your favorite songs, explore new artists, and purchase songs for your personal library in the Music section. In addition, iTunes has thousands of movies and TV shows so you can stay abreast of all the premieres at any time. Keep on top of your downloaded apps, and organize all of your photos and images.

If you decide to connect your device, you can access all of content stored within, and at the bottom of the page you’ll see a breakdown of the space occupied by each type of file.

The radio part allows you access to Beats 1 radio for free, although other options are only available once subscribed to Apple Music.

iTunes gift card

The perfect present for your friends: you can choose to gift memberships or vouchers for the iTunes store, App Store or even iBook.

Apple Music

iTunes also now gives you access to Apple Music to enjoy music streaming and discover new artists and songs. Be aware that it’s a little tricky to navigate and differentiate between free and premium options.

In short, iTunes is a little chaotic but a wholly complete program, and a great tool for organizing all the multimedia content stored on your computer.

Organize and enjoy your multimedia library

Apple Music
Manage and play movies, music, books, TV shows, podcasts and more
Connect and manage your iOS devices