Windows Disk management

Optimize your hard disk for more space and faster performance


Defraggler is perfect for defragmenting your hard disk, freeing up space, and restoring your computer’s performance speed.


Not as easy to use with solid-state drives (SSDs).

Defraggler is a program that helps improve the performance speed of your computer or laptop by defragmenting your hard disk. Unlike Windows’ stock defragmenter, Defraggler is efficient and simple to use.

What is “defragmenting?

In a nutshell, when Windows “writes” data on your hard disk, it does so in a disorderly manner, leaving files wherever it finds space. This isn’t such a big issue with small files, but means that bigger files end up split up and scattered across your hard disk. When your computer then has to read the files when you want to see or use them, it takes much longer to do so, because it has to find and gather up all the separate parts spread across the hard disk.

Defraggler gathers all the parts of a larger file and stores them next to one another. So Windows doesn’t have to search too far each time it’s looking for a larger file, making your computer woke overall much quicker.

It’s efficient, secure, and ensures nothing bad happens

Defraggler has a seriously impressive function, and that’s the ability to schedule defragmentation to a time that suits you. So you can set Defraggler to run daily, weekly, or monthly at a time when you won’t need to use your computer, so it doesn’t interfere with your daily tasks. And don’t worry - it’s completely safe and secure, and won’t ever alter or tamper with any of your files.

Supposing you delete a file that Defraggler previously ordered for you. Defraggler will automatically reorganize any free space on your hard disk so it’s all in one place. That way, it’ll stop Windows from fragmenting any new files that you save on your PC.


Though fragmentation problems don’t tend to be an issue in larger hard disks (1 or 1 terabytes) and solid-state drives (SSDs), Defraggler can also help accelerate their performance too. Okay, so it won’t speed things up that noticeably, but it remains a great way of performing basic computer maintenance. 
Defraggler works with all Windows system partitions (FAT32,NTFS, exFAT y otras), so you can relax. And if all of that weren’t enough, it’s completely free too. So if your computer is a little sluggish and you want to restore into to its former speediness, give Defraggler a try.


Whilst Windows has its own file defragmenter, Defraggler presents a more efficient and easy to use alternative.


Defragments PC and laptop hard drives
Speeds up your computer’s performance
Reorganizes free space
Completely safe and secure
Scheduled defragmentation