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Simple and effective


Simple and effective

CPU-Z is a free piece of software that can help you gather info on your computer’s CPU. This program offers useful information like the name of the processor, code and package, as well as levels of cache and other data storage and memory frequency. In short, you can extract information on the following elements (among others):

-Graphics card

CPU-Z also allows you to discover what’s happening inside your computer in real-time, and export the log file for easy reference when needed.

Installing and uninstalling

With its built-in installer, CPU-Z includes shortcuts from the menu and desktop. Installation is quick and easy, with easy step by step instruction. To uninstall the program, you only need follow the usual steps from the control panel or via the program menu.

Functional design

CPU-Z is a lean and efficient program with an attractive and functional design that provides a lot of useful information on your computer’s system devices. It's free utility, works quickly, and allows you to quickly customize the look to suit your needs.


A freeware for gathering info on your computer’s CPU


Speedy and effective system analysis
Functional design