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CorelDRAW is a professional design package for creating logos, graphics, web pages, and editing images. It has a functional workspace that fits your needs, plus a full library of learning resources and other extra features.

This program is suitable for design professionals, companies and even design hobbyists, and it includes a basic guide to familiarize yourself with all of its more advanced components, service, and features. All in all, it’s a viable (and cheaper) alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

Use the thousands of images and photographs, as well as OpenType fonts for your artistic creations. CorelDRAW has templates and frames that you can take full advantage of so as not to have to start your design from scratch.

What programs does it include?

CorelDraw (pages and vectors), Corel Photo-Paint (photo editing), Corel Website creator (web pages), Corel Connect (search), Corel Capture (screen captures), Corel Font Manager (font admin) and Corel PowerTrace (converting bitmaps to vectors).

What tools does it have?

Some of the most interesting are: the knife tool which lets you split vector and bitmap objects, and the clone brush which helps eliminate distortions. You can also customize the toolbox to work exactly how you want to. Organize your fonts with Font Manager and duplicate curve fragments to reuse in other projects. The smart fill, liquid tools and special effects when editing images are all welcome additions too.

Pricing options

CorelDRAW offers different pricing plans depending on what kind of user you are. First of if the lifetime license via a one-off payment. Then there’s an annual subscription to keep you up-to-date with the latest versions and fixes. And finally, an annual one-off payment to keep you up-to-date with the latest versions.


Unleash your creativity with CorelDRAW and its amazing graphic design and editing tools


Customizable interface
Covers different areas: page layout, photo editing, vector drawing
Huge array of tools

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite