Windows Cleaners

Clean, protect, and optimize your PC with CCleaner


Improve speed and rendering of your PC

Occupies little space, and effective at removing files


Limited options in the free version

Over time, unwanted files begin to accumulate on your computer, ultimately slowing it down and occupying unnecessary hard disk space. CCleaner quickly uncluttered and clears your PC of these unneeded files.

Speeds up program startup and frees up hard disk space
CCleaner helps you rid your PC of unnecessary and unwanted files that have been causing it to run slowly and your programs to lag and crash. As well as speeding up your PC, it’ll also help you free up precious hard disk space.

With CCleaner, you can select which programs you DON’T want to start up when you boot up your PC, helping your system run much quicker. You can also empty your recycling bin, and clear out temporary office, winrar and winzip files, de-installers, and much more.

Optimize and clean up browsers

CCleaner optimizes your browser by erasing your temporary files, browser search and download history and cookies, so any internet browsing you do stays confidential and your identity remains anonymous. It’s compatible with many browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

Choose what you want to delete and create backups

Though it might seem more convenient to delete everything automatically in one go,there will probably be cookies you don’t want to delete, like those for web page logins e.g.; CCleaner lets you choose the cookies and files you want to keep and those you want to delete.

You can also create system backup files before making any changes so you won’t permanently delete anything by accident.

Browse safely and prevent program crashes and errors

Over time, Windows can become completely saturated with errors and incorrect settings that ultimately cause your system or any of your programs to fail. Ccleaner can clean up these historic errors and return your system back to normal.
You can also browse the web securely and privately, eliminating cookies that contain your private and confidential information.

CCleaner has a free version with basic functions for deleting unwanted files. To get the full functionality, you should opt for either of the two paid versions.


CCleaner removes unwanted files from your PC that have accumulated over time, clogging up your memory, and causing your system and programs to run slower.


Clean searches and apps
Supports several Windows versions
Installation and advanced settings options
Creates system backups