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If you have an e-book reader and like to keep you literary collection in good order, Calibre is a free program to help you manage and keep your e-book library in good order. Got thousands of e-books all over the place? Calibre will help you group them into logical categories and keep your collections in good order. Use it to hunt out books, searching by author, title, or publishing house.

Founded in 2006, Calibre is packed with great tools to help organize your e-book library on your various devices, and improve your reading experience. Thanks to its content server, you’ll be able to sync with and access your book libraries, wherever you are.

E-book conversion

As well as functioning as an e-book library, Calibre also helps you convert books into the correct format for you to enjoy on your e-reader. You can quickly modify metadata and format books the way you want them. Because customization is king.

Built-in e-reader

Calibre also includes an integrated e-reader for you to enjoy your e-books in full-screen with no distractions. This is especially great if you haven’t yet splashed out on an e-reader device yet.


Calibre lets you download news from the web and convert it into e-book format for you to enjoy on your e-reader device. A much more comfortable way of stay up-to-date on happenings in the world.


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Built-in e-reader