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BitTorrent is one of the world’s most popular peer-to-peer torrent clients - an unlimited service that allows you to download as many torrent files to your computer as your heart desires. From music, to videos and games, with BitTorrent you can download it all. Plus it’s available in over 20 languages and trusted by over 70 million users worldwide.

It utilizes P2P technology, allowing users worldwide to share all manner of content. With its uncomplicated interface, it’s incredibly easy to use, making it one of the most popular torrent clients going.

How does it work?

BitTorrent allows you to locate the files you want to download through its integrated search engine, so you can have them ready to rock on your computer even quicker. The program lets you add your chosen RSS tracker and, of course, you can also add your own torrents.

With BitTorrent you do not have to worry about connection variables: the program takes care of adjusting to your Internet connection’s bandwidth, and ensures that downloads do not harm your web experience or slow down the performance of your computer. Obviously, you should bear in mind that download speeds depend on several factors such as your Internet connection and the seeds of the file in question.

If you are only interested in the highest quality files, BitTorrent includes statistics and graphs on the state of the files you are downloading, giving you a much clearer idea of what you’re downloading.

Remote download

BitTorrent Remote lets you access BitTorrent running on your home computer from anywhere on the internet, so you can set movies, shows, and more to download even when you’re not in front of your PC screen.


The premium version of BitTorrent gives you an ad-free experience that includes file conversion, anti-virus, and an HD media player built in.


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