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Avast Antivirus is one of the most effective antivirus tools on the market. This popular program helps protect your computer against yet unknown threats, as well as all kinds of virus and malware that can affect the security of our PC’s. More than 230 million people use Avast to protect their devices every day.


Installing Avast will also install Google Chrome and its toolbar (unless you deselect this option). Before you go ahead with the installation, you can read up on how your information will be used, and familiarize yourself with the privacy policy.

What does Avast include?

With the full version of Avast, you can stop hackers from invading your home network, and rid yourself of all those annoying toolbars and extensions that have been installed without your say so.

Avast has 3 levels of protection. Free Antivirus Essential is free to download, eliminates all threats, and protects all of your accounts with one super password. Internet Security also detects fake sites, protects your details when you’re shopping online, and rids you of spam. Premier does all of the aforementioned, plus protects you from hackers, and helps you permanently delete sensitive data from your computer before you lend it  to someone or take it in for repair.

Avast has the perfect balance of services and packages to meet your protections needs.

A modern, accessible design

Avast has sleek and organized interface, with a selection of icons for access to the most important functions like scanning, tools, system passwords, and the Avast shop.

Does it actually work?

Avast has come out on top time and time again in consumer testing. It’s so easy to use, and with its 3 levels of security, is suitable for all types of users. One of the most effective antivirus programs out there.


Antivirus you can trust - no.1 in security.


Free and effective
3 versions
Unified password protection

Avast Free Antivirus