Windows 3D Modeling & CAD

A professional 2D and 3D design package


Complete and professional design tools



Difficult to learn, can take a while to get to grips with all the features

For anyone involved in the world of design, AutoCAD is an essential, industry standard package for CAD design. Create precise drawings, and map out 2D and 3D elements with AutoCAD’s versatile tools

Who is AutoCAD for?

For its versatile, precise, and professional 2D and 3D design tools, AutoCAD is an essential tool for professionals like architects, engineers, and industrial designers. It’s also a favorite among design and architecture students.

What features does it include?

Tool palettes, dynamic blocks, an intelligent dimensioning system, a project manager, parametric constraints, express tools, base, section, and detailed views. AutoCAD is a complex tool, with a huge selection of features that you should work through step by step to get to know them.

The program includes keyboard shortcuts to help you move more quickly through all available functions, especially useful for regular users.

In addition, AutoCAD allows you to work on small sections of the whole design (XRef), allowing it to you to work much quicker than with an entire file. AutoCAD also lets you link resources with any other Autodesk and design software packages.


The program has 3 versions: AutoCAD (complete), AutoCAD LT (without 3D), and AutoCAD 360 (the free basic version). AutoCAD is a tool for advanced users and requires time (and patience) to learn how to get the most out of all of its features.


Design buildings, objects, and just about anything with AutoCAD’s complete and effective design tools


Huge library of materials
Lots of professional tools
Syncs with other design programs