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A free and mega popular audio editor and recorder


Available in various languages

Tons of editing tools


Usability could be improved

Audacity is a is a free open source digital audio editor which allows you to quickly record from various audio sources, and convert recordings to audio discs and digital files. The program allows you to edit all kinds of sound files (AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3, WAV, and more).

What exactly does Audacity to?

In a nutshell, Audacity lets you record and replay just about any audio on your PC. From videos to songs, the possibilities are endless. Replay, edit, and convert audio files until you’ve got them just how you want them.

So you can edit audio files?

Sure can. Audacity lets you edit, copy, and mix together audio tracks and insert audio effects, as well as change the playback speed and the pitch. It also includes tools for recording live audio and playback from any computer.

Can you import/export audio files?

No problem. You can import and export any audio file you like from all the formats supported by Audacity. There’s even a fast import option for WAV and AIFF files so you can get to work quickly.

Audacity has plenty of keyboard shortcuts to help you edit even quicker. There’s also the option to install plug-ins to further personalize the experience and include more functionality.


Audacity lets you record live audio and playback on your computer, and quickly edit and convert any sound files.


Multi-track editor
Live and playback audio recording
Supports AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3, WAV and more
Sound editing tools
Schedule recording