Windows IP Utilities

Scans all your local network devices


Scans networked computers and can also access FTP servers

Control your PC remotely


Some configuration options require some advanced knowledge

With Advanced IP Scanner you can scan the local network and locate all the computers that are connected to it, either wirelessly or via cable. It is very easy to install and is portable, so you can use it on any computer.

How does it work?

Advanced IP Scanner is super simple to use: with one click of the button, the program will begin analyzing the local network and detect all computers and devices connected to it.

Once detected, the program lets you access any shared folders on any computer, as well as provding access to FTP, HTTP and HTTPS servers.

IP and Mac addresses, and remote access

Advanced IP Scanner displays the IP address and MAC address of any device detected, and can even identify the name of the manufacturer.

As well as that, the program can also can remotely access other computers connected to network, even shutting them down or booting them up. Bear in mind though that to start up a computer remotely, it must have the ‘Wake on LAN’ feature includes on some computers.

If you need to carry out the same task on multiple computers, you can add said task to a favorites list to speed the process up a bit.


Analyze networks and the computers and devices connected to them with Advanced IP Scanner.


Explore networks and connected devices
Remote access to devices
Acces to shared files and FTPs

Advanced IP Scanner