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The world’s most popular photo editing tool


Professional and effective

A plethora of tools and editing features


Can be tricky to use

Todo el mundo ha escuchado hablar de Adobe Photoshop. Sin duda, se trata del programa de más prestigio en cuanto a diseño y edición de fotografía.

What can you do with Photoshop?

With Adobe Photoshop you can create images and illustrations(3D), retouch photos, design creations and build the base design for any platform. Basically, you can create any visual effect that you can think of.

Your fruits of your creative labor can then become a printed document, a web page, animation, video, or more …

Some of the fantastic tools Adobe Photoshop has include:

• Adjustment of contrast, brightness, exposure, saturation, curves, etc 
• Ability to change the canvas or image size, and rotate and crop
• Image filters including noise, distortion, and blur
• Create new layers and work on each of their properties
• Correction tools like the clone stamp and healing brush
• Vector graphics

With Adobe Photoshop you can learn how to combine pictures and text via the different layers and font formats.

Ever wanted to focus on just one element of an image? Combine two or more photos? Create a panoramic photo? Correct the color of an image? With Adobe Photoshop you can do all of that and more.


Adobe Photoshop has an advanced and modern design, with customizable work spaces and tools. The interface is highly interactive and perfect for regular use, though it requires a little bit of practice in getting used to each of the features.

Adobe Photoshop let us save designs to PSD format in order to back up all of the effects and layers. Once you’re ready, you can export your creations to your desired final format. 

Thanks to synced libraries, you can create images styles and reuse them whenever you need, on any computer that you have access to.


Adobe Photoshop is the world’s go to program for design and image editing excellence


Endless tools and possibilities
Step by step tutorials and instructions
Modern, effective interface design

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