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Seamlessly view flash content on your browser


Necessary for video playback and flash content


Sometimes it slows down your computer and causes the browser to crash.

Ever visited a web page and found that the content won’t play because you don’t have Flash Player installed? We’ve all been there.

Though this plugin comes pre-installed with Chrome, other browser user will need to download and install it to be able to view and use flash websites and apps. Imagine life without YouTube. Impossible right? You need Adobe Flash Player for this and much more.

What does it do exactly?

Adobe Flash Player plays SWF format files in a given environment (made with Adobe Flash or other tools). If you don’t have it installed on your browser, it can severely affect your browsing experience.  When it works correctly, however, you’ll hardly even know it’s there as it quietly gets on with making all flash content work as it should.

Flash Player also lets you configure image and video settings with a simple right click.

A few issues to watch out for

The latest version of Adobe Flash Player improves loading speeds, video playback, and graphics, but can still cause the browser to freeze at times. Many users also have noticed that their computers don’t run quite as well since the last update of Adobe Flash Player.


Adobe Flash Player is an essential browser extension for viewing all types of flash content.


An essential plugin
Control and configure content settings with a click
Quick and easy to install

Adobe Flash Player