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Can be a bit over zealous at blocking content

One of the most irritating things about browsing the web is the constant interruptions from ads (banner, pop-up, video) that impede our experience and stop us enjoying the content we actually want to see. Ads waste us time and make our tasks more difficult to get done, and that’s when we really need a great ad blocker on our side.

Adblock Plus is a free, open source ad-block tool that helps keep our internet ride smooth, comfortable and without distractions or interruptions of any kind. After a quick and easy installation, the program is ready to use instantly.

Adblock Plus can block tracking, malware domains, and ads of all kinds (banners, pop-ups and video ads) - even on Facebook and YouTube (where the ads can be at their most intrusive and annoying).

Adblock lets you get on with your browsing without you knowing the ads were ever there.

Can you adjust Adblock’s settings?

You sure can. With Adblock Plus you can block out the most annoying and intrusive ads, and even block out all types of ads all together, as well as other advertising tools designed to invade our privacy like trackers and social buttons on web pages.

You can also choose to still allow ‘acceptable ads’ so you don’t miss out on content you want to see.

Does it include stats?

Adblock Plus always tells you how many ads it’s blocking at any time. You can also view a history of adblocking to see how many ads have been blocked over a specific period.

An essential, easy to use program.


Adblock Plus blocks ads and malware domains so you can surf the web in peace


Advanced settings
Effective and practical
Includes stats

Adblock Plus