Windows Browsers

A super fast, super customizable browser


Totally customizable

Lightweight and fast


May leave behind some malware if you uninstall (but you can delete them)

With 1st Browser you can fully customize the appearance of the browser, choose from predefined themes, modify the colors, and change the wallpaper by adding any image or changing the appearance of the icons. You can even change browser’s desktop icon.

1st Browser has a similar feel to Chrome, so if you’re used to Chrome, you’ll find 1st easy to adapt to.

A lightweight browsers

1st Browser is incredibly lightweight and doesn't have any pre installed extensions, meaning it doesn’t take up storage space on your PC, and makes browsing overall much quicker.

Regular updates ensure safe and secure browsing.

Easy access to your favorite sites

Rolling over the address bar prompts a menu of regularly visited sites to drop down. This is tiled with icons of popular sites at first, but quickly populates with your own favorite pages. It’s a handy little addition, that manages an attractive half-step between searching your bookmarks, favorites, and history.

Quick and simple media downloader

1st Browser lets you quickly download videos, images, audio and more, without the need for any other 3rd party programs. Whenever you visit a site like YouTube or Facebook and rollover a video or image, a button pops-up to give you the option to download it, along with the option to save videos or just their audio and letting you quickly apply filters to images.


1st Browser is a super lightweight browser, offering a fast and personañlized browsing


Change background and icons
Doesn’t take up hard disk space
Media downloader