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Yummy FTP is the essential tool to those who need to transfer files FTPS, S/FTP. It has been developed to become the best option to be used with Mac



Allows remote FTP file management


It is not a “unique” program and it is not defined by a single feature, there are some similar programs

File Transfer Protocol is an upload/download system that helps to send and receive files from/to the equipment and a server, so it means that it is used by most people who deal with webs or pages. But to complete that action, it is essential to have a FTP client software that allows to complete the different functions according to the current SO. In case the SO is SO X for Mac, the most popular option is Yummy FTP.

Yummy FTP is a FPT client software, and its functions are related to web’s management, which means to upload and download different contents from websites, but the most important characteristic of this program is that is has been built to suit SO X for Mac, which means a simple but complete tool able to take advantage of Apple computers.

It is fair to point that Yummy FTP is customizable because many tasks can be scheduled so user does not have to worry about time, by scheduling actions the program will be ready to complete them by itself. Another advantage of working within this program is the freedom to work from anywhere, as Yummy FTP gives the chance of managing files remotely, so software gives also a certain time and space freedom!

Someone who usually works with this kind of software could think that Yummy FTP is a program that does not offer big differences to other similar software, but it is a fact that the program we are talking about it on the top of the most downloaded managing FTP files  programs, so worth giving it a chance. After all, it is free.

Yummy FTP