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To analyse network protocols, nothing like WireShark the program that most professional choose


The option that most professional choose to analyse protocols

It is freeware

More than 500 protocols allowed

It analyses different networks, from Ethernet and Wi-Fi to USB and Bluetooth

Compatible with encrypted security systems


It is considered as the first choice for professionals, and this is also because it is an advanced program. So better not to approach if not much understand about protocols.

WireShark is a network protocol analyser that has become the reference name among professionals. And as we are talking about the kind of programs that professionals often use, it is talking big.

But what is exactly what WireShark can do for users? Basically it carries out every type of analysis of hard disk or networks. In short, WireShark is good at analysing disks or networks in real time, giving valuable information for the user on the status of the item just analysing the software and in a short period of time.

Among its features supporting over 500 protocols and analysing every network: WIFI, Ethernet, USB and more. At issue decrypting, you are not given wrong, and that is capable of understanding with a number of security systems. It is a program “tailored” to professionals, and if we say "tailored" is because it includes components and plugins to customize the most of this program according to the needs of those who use it.

WireShank is not a newcomer, but has been analysing protocols through the different versions that have been provided with innovations and improvements, thanks to its effectiveness, it has managed to become the favourite of those who most understand about network analysis. Taking into account that it is the option that professionals prefer, everything points to download WireShank to Mac will become a success, right?