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VLC Media Player is the audio player thought to enjoy the multimedia contents, plain and simple


High compatibility with most formats, including

Editing and multi-format tools.


Some of the features are not easy to be found or used by most of users.

Talking about media players, there are some programs that need no introduction, and one of them could be VLC Media Player. The software is not the newest, but it is not a problem but an advantage as it has been tried and chosen by millions of users that certify the quality of the reproduction of every kind of content shown on the interface of VLC Media Player for Mac.

The program is good, but the real fact is that it is because developers have completed VLC Media Player with an interesting selection of features that explain its popularity. As a user, when the program is open, it is easy to understand how to enjoy the content: just click on the file and then on the “play” button. That’s all! The content is shown quickly and with a fantastic quality. The user understands that works perfectly, but behind the simple evidence of clicking and enjoying, the real fact is that the user has not found any problem due to format of codecs, and it is due de big quantity of format supported by the program.

Vertical video is not a problem anymore when played with VLC Media Player, the program recognizes the vertical video and changes its orientation automatically, the user does nothing but enjoying the images! These are some characteristics that most of users look for they player, and VLC Media Player own them, and it is easy to use too!

But, some users want a little more than just a player: they prefer a program to edit and modify the format and, if possible, with some tools to apply effects on the video. VLC Media Player becomes an excellent software in this case, as it is complete with some extra features to apply modifications on the multimedia contents. These functions are not easy to complete but most of users, but they are interesting to those who have a medium knowledge about video edition.

To download a multimedia player is the best way to enjoy the contents and when the choice is VLC Media Player the user is going to find a complete player that includes even plugins ready to play streaming or online contents.

VLC media player