Mac Tools

To use each of the OS from your Mac is now possible with VirtualBox, the perfect tool to contain all the OS you need in just one device.


Simple tool to integrate multiple operating systems on MAC.

Compatible with all OS and with all versions


The software creates a virtual environment, but OS must be installed separately with a related installation disks.

The name VirtualBox for Mac gives clear indications about the functions of the program, as it is thought to create a "virtual box" where different OS are contained: a computer an OS, which was the past, because this software allows to have more than an OS on Mac.

OS for Mac is good enough, so who would want to have other OS installed on Mac? Well, the possibilities are many: Mac OS offers many advantages, but others, like Windows or Linux are not bad, and to use them multiplies the advantages of using a computer. Would not it be perfect to take advantage of each OS from a single device? It is also interesting for those working with different devices, for example, at work and at home, projects can be completed both at work and at home, with two different version from Mac or with Windows 10 and OS X, and so.

The idea is simple to understand, but after installation, the chances are a lot because the software allows to install as many units as desired, so the download of VirtualBox becomes an excellent option for those who want to have multiple OS on a single device.

However it should be indicated that VirtualBox is just a "box", and it doesn’t include the "content": the software creates a virtual environment for operating systems, but the installation disks is required to have a virtual version of the wanted SO.