Mac Internet

Protect your data and protects your Mac with Tor Browser the option for those who are looking for anonymous surfing


Anonymous Internet surfing for Mac

Compatible with Firefox add-ons


Connection will become slower.

Anonymity is impossible to 100% (although this browser increases the percentage of protection)

There are a lot of different elements swarming over the network, so while surfing the Internet it is difficult to be completely sure that nobody is getting information though the connection: personal data, location, information that I’m sharing, images… Although the best is not to get paranoid about Internet connections, it is also possible to think of safer alternatives to the typical browser options, for example, Tor Browser, is an alternative that provides anonymous web browsing.

Tor is not a newcomer to this virtual anonymity, in fact, the Tor Project offers interesting solutions though to prevent users from whoever would want to spy data or information from a computer, the list of effective solutions developed by Tor Project is quite long and one of those solutions is Tor Browser, which has been developed considering users who want to protect their identity and information online.

In short, what Tor Browser makes is to route the information by passing thought different points of that it becomes really hard to know the real source of the connection. That is: the access on your personal information while surfing the Internet is much harder to track with Tor Browser on Mac. 

The main weak point of this software could be that routing system spends a little time, so connections are slower than using other browsers. Anyway the user is who assesses whether it is worth losing speed in pursuit of anonymity.

Tor Browser