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Do you really want to check the temperature of your Mac? If so, download TG Pro


Excellent measurement accuracy of temperature on Mac

Computer fan on option

Conversion of temperature’s data in a CSV file


It is software to check the temperature: here you go all the things you are going to get from it!

TG Pro is a basic tool for the check of the temperature of Mac, so it becomes a "must be"  in Mac, especially when this is being used for high-performance tasks. In fact, professional can take advantage of the information provided by this utility to improve the equipment performance.

Specifically, TG Pro has been designed to give reliable information on the temperature that Mac has at a certain moment. That information can help the user to anticipate and prevent possible overheating of the system, so s/he can take preventive actions to avoid the overheating.

The main (and almost exclusively) function of TG Pro is the provision of data regarding the equipment temperature. But it has also features designed to turn the computer fan on in case the temperature reaches a level that could damage the integrity of the system. So user can focus on the tasks which s/he are performing, without having to be aware if a possible overheating of the system causes a shorting that destroys all the project.

By the way sometimes it is appropriate to get the temperature data in a visible document, for example, to show the technician on duty. PF PRO can convert data in a CSV file.

The measurement accuracy of temperature on Mac  is the best asset of TG Pro, so if you're looking for the best tool to check the temperature of your Mac, this is one of the best options that you are going to find: Download it right now!

TG Pro