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Remote access from a device to Mac is now possible with the most interesting remote control tool, TeamViewer


Remote control for Mac

Secure conection

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Connection quality depends on the net quality.

TeamViewer is not an unknown name related to remote control devices, it is an App designed to manage computers remotely, but its applications are so many that it has become an indispensable choice for any order related to remote connections.

To use TeamViewer for Mac is very simple, once the software has been installed, the user who wants to access the computer from a remote device needs to ask someone to stay in front of Mac and accessing the program. The program is going give him/her a code that has to be sent to the remote user and after introducing the code, the connection possible, and very safe too because connection is not allowed unless the code in given. In addition, no external communication Apps are need, as TeamViewer has a chat service.

Regarding chat service TeamViewer must say that is not the classic text chat. This one provides video conferencing and meetings with several participants and even tools for recording conversations. It is really complete, isn’t it?

The logical thing is to think of this tool as a useful alternative to access files on a PC when someone is forgotten or so, but it can also be used to check a project from home, to download a presentation that was on the company computer or, for example, for to ask an expert friend to install a program to check a problem on your computer from home. In case this (or happen similar situation), you will find the download of TeamViewer very useful, but it is quite certain that once it has been installed on Mac you will think twice before you delete it, because you will find lots and lots of reason to keep it in your device..