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Enjoy the experience of travelling though the Universe. Stellarium and Mac is all you need


Virtual 3D planetarium for Mac

Including stars information and data

More than 600.000 included

Optional extra catalogue with more than 210 million of stars to be downloaded



It is just a planetarium, it could be useful or useless, but that perception depends on the user.

Stellarium is one of the most curious Mac applications because this is a program that actually proposes to have a private 3D planetarium on and Apple computer. Stellarium is a very interesting tool to discover the mysteries hidden in the sky.

Its development involved researchers and Scientifics so it is clear that this software has been created by thinking of offering a complete reflection of the Universe. Users understand it after its download as the program reaches the computer by offering a catalogue with more than 600,000 luminaries, which are already a handful of elements to observe, learn, explore ... There are a lot of stars to explore, but in case they are not enough to satisfy user’s curiosity, there is a complete catalogue with millions of stars apt to be downloaded too!

It is not an ordinary planetarium, this one is much better! It includes recognition and information tools and information and different view options. But it is not just to view and enjoy the things that other have chosen or seen before as the program includes some customizable elements.

It is fair to point that it is not an essential program, but there is no doubt that this is interesting software that will surely enjoy those interested in learning the secrets of the universe. If you are one of them and the idea of having your own 3D planetarium on your computer you find interesting, download Stellarium not think twice: it is free download software.