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Spotify changed the way we listen to music. Why should you get less than the best?


High quality streaming music

All the music is player under artist license

Multilingual software


Free account does not offer all the features that Pro account does

Free account add advertising

When we talk about high quality streaming music, it is impossible to forget Spotify, the firm that revolutionized the way we listen to music. Moreover, Spotify continues to promote innovation the last step is the version Spotify which adds even more quality to streaming music, in addition to other interesting characteristics…

The new version of Spotify is ready to be downloaded. Users that install it on Mac will not be disappointed, because they will see that it is a utility designed to simplify listening to their favourite music. The first one is that all his or her music is already there, thanks to the synchronization between Apple devices.

Enjoy music is an individual act, or not, because Spotify enhances social side of music. To discover the latest news in the sector, to find out the latest of the favourite artists or genre, or even know what our friends listen too are some examples of that enhancement. And, of course, own playlists can be shared with everybody. Even better than just sharing could be to create an online radio, which is one of the extra features of Spotify.

In short, the reasons to download Spotify are to enjoy the best music and with excellent quality at any time and from anywhere; to know the latest news in music; to discover other people’s playlists; to surprise everyone with our latest discoveries; without forgetting that it is offers a free account.  It is true that the premium account adds some additional interesting features, but the basic free account can be more than enough if the objective is to enjoy music with high quality audio streaming.