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How can you not know the most downloaded communication tool? If you want to talk to someone, do it with Skype


Complete IM service software

Groups until 25 participants

Contacts sync

Emoticons are really cute


Calls to landlines and mobiles are paid (they are not really expensive, even there are some plans thought to save)

The quality of VoIP calls depends on the quality of the Internet connection

Some IM services focus on chat, others offer VoIP calls, others are more focused on group calls or sending attached files, but: How many of them integrate all these services? And what is more important: How many of them include the quality as a characteristic in each of their services? Skype is the first name that comes to mind.

Skype arrived a few years ago and immediately caught the sympathy of the younger ones, who found out its advantages when talking to friends anywhere in the world and for free. Companies take no long to realize its advantages: chat conversations, sending attached files and meetings by videoconferencing. Today, Skype is a benchmark in savings: it offers free calls between two Skype users, but it also purposes cheap calling plans to landlines and mobiles, that offer saving money without saving quality.

But developers are not of those who, proud of a well done product, think that their job is done. Instead they continue betting on innovation: group calls with up to 25 participants, improvements on the quality of communications or voice messages are some of the latest innovation in this global communication program.

Skype is software that connects everyone without limitation; therefore, it is software that can be installed on every type of device. The version for Mac includes the same services that have conquered all world and most of them free: why don’t you download Skype and check its advantages?