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Managing database from Mac is easier with Sequel Pro: integration with My SQL and other interesting functions make from this an essential tool


Effective and comprehensive database management

Remote Connectivity options

Ruby, Phyton, PHP and BASH allowed.



Even when it could be a good tool, it could become too simple for some projects.

The database management has many applications, mainly in companies and freelancers, to keep under control clients, providers, dealers, partners… Therefore, a good management of different database is essential. It is true that there are different programs that integrate specific functions according to the objectives, but it is also true that for using them specific expertise are required

Sequel Pro is an interesting option as it is a management program databases with an environment that is easy to understand for anyone who is accustomed to My SQL as it integrates its functions perfectly.
Regarding specific languages, the utility along with a good number of them, but above all, includes the most commonly used: Ruby, Python, PHP and BASH have no secrets for her, so it's all a matter of the user decide which is the best for the marked goals.

Management of multiple databases at the same time, importation and exportation of SQL / CSV files, organization through practical tabs and ability to save the contents of folders for more efficient management are features that bind to the remote connection software that lets you create, modify, edit, or delete entries with the most of freedom.

To deal with databases it is key in a project, so the key to success could be the download of Sequel Pro, such a simple action to such a big success!

Sequel Pro