Mac Internet

There are people who have self-control when they are in front of Mac, but if you're not one of them, you have SelfControl


It prevents access to pages that are in the "Black List"

White List option

Blocking time of a page can be indicated


After entering the page and setting the time, access it is not allowed under any circumstances

To sit in front of Mac with the firm intention of completing the project to be concluded and not to let anything distract attention, but suddenly a Facebook notification arrives.... two hours later the result is 1.000 videos of kittens watched on YouTube, but 0 project finished. If this situation sounds familiar to you, it is clear that you have no self-control.

But that's not a problem anymore because now you can have SelfControl, a program that does what you have no courage to do: not to allow access to websites that could reduce your concentration. To understand what it is and how it works SelfControl is easy: the interface shows a screen where all sites that must be avoided can be included, once listed, are sealed. You can indicate date ranges too, for tighter control.

SelfControl has a BlackList, but a Whitelist too, and its function is the opposite to the first one, and this can be a great help when accessing pages or specific functions, for example, the service Facebook notifications required, but avoiding consult the wall ...

Of course, we must be clear that SelfControl provides that self-control that user does not have, so when a page becomes part of the blacklist, there will be no human or superhuman form to access it for the time indicated.

OK, a good dose of self-control could offer the same results without downloading the program, but no everybody owns the willpower to focus on work while working in front on a computer, SelfControl for Mac gives a hand to focus on what's important.