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ScreenFlow is the easiest tool to record and edit digital recordings: Create incredible screencasts!


Complete tool for recording and editing screencasts

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It is a fantastic options to create basic screencast, but it becomes too for those with advanced knowledge on the subject

The screencast are fashionable. No need to think hard to find reasons why these digital recordings are so popular. So if you are thinking of joining this digital universe, you may know ScreenFlow, because it is one of the most interesting options in the screencast creation field.

ScreenFlow is a tool that records everything that happens on Mac: from actions to images from video to audio, from video inputs to combinations of external keyboards, everything shown on the screen could be recorded! By the way, it gets along with web too. It has also some functions to edit and mix contents. If there is an idea of a specific screencast, no matter how difficult it seems to be, this utility is the best option to achieve that result.

What a kind of screencast can be done with ScreenFlow? Everyone! For example, a video tutorial of how a program works; a record to explain something to a friend about everything that is wrong with your Mac, an record with the actions to be taken to complete a goal that friend who knows nothing about computers has asked…  ScreenFlow lets you create recordings, but it allows you to add sound effects, to mix images and to record your voice.

Perhaps professionals are going to find this option too simple, but who now enters into the world of publishing screencast and who has only few notions of how to edit screencasts is going to find ScreenFlow a more that correct tool to discover first-hand the world of screencast. That screencast that is on your mind is going to be a fact!