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To manage loads and loads of bookmarks is not a complicate action anymore as SafariSort offers the simplest function to find each of them


It allows to organize both folders, subfolders and bookmarks.

Very easy to use and even easier to understand.


Recommended just in case the users keeps hundreds of bookmarks.

Only alphabetic organization is available.

Many of Safari users point to the bookmarks as one of the defects of a utility. Well, bookmarks are not the real problem, to tell the truth they are a good way to keep a lot on contents under control. But the problem arrives as bookmarks have been stored and stored, when it is time to look for a single bookmark. With SafariSort all that mess when finding a single book marker is a part of the past.

SafariSort is a utility that has been built so that s/he can manage bookmarks from Safari browser on Mac. No matter whether there are folders, subfolders and bookmarks without any logical pattern, though you cannot see light, this program will show you how to find exactly what you're looking for.

How is it going to bring order when neither the user himself can do it? Well, by the simplest way: alphabetically. As simple as cash, the markers appear from A to Z. It is not just about bookmarks but folders are included as a part of the organization, in particular, in the top of the list from A to Z.

It is far from being a “revolutionary” tool to the overall management of Safari’s bookmarks on Mac, and it is a fact that the organizational options are very limited and it could be much better if provided of a searching tool... But it is fair to recognize the effort done by SafariSort when trying to find a solution to a problem that had not alternative solution before.