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There are users that have a Mac just to have fun, if you are one of them you might know Plex Media Server


Complete management of multimedia on Mac

Sync with Apple devices

Contents remotely available


Software is not as simple as it could be

Computers and laptops are tools that professionals use in their projects, but they can also be the best option for leisure time. We are not talking just about surfing the Internet, but about playing audiovisual content from a Mac, a way to have fun. In fact, Plex Media Server is a kind of App apt to that kind of users as it allows a better management of digital content on Mac.

No matter how many have videos are stored on Mac, Plex Media Server will store and organize all of them, so that it will be easier to find them at the moment it is decided that it's time to enjoy some free time in front of computer’s screen.

The plan could be to enjoy some free time, but in case it is not possible and something breaks the plan, Plex Media Server will remember the moment when the broadcast was interrupted. Of course, you replay it later from the same Mac, but you can enjoy it from different devices:  you cannot wait to see how that movie ends? Are you curious to know how the outcome of the chapter of your favourite serial is? Don’t wait!

All right we cannot deny that to get a tailored utility requires some dedication and time enough to customize everything according to user’s preferences. But, thinking about the chances it gives to when enjoying your favourite contents, the download of Plex Media Server is advised and taking a little time to customize it is just as small disadvantage against the many advantages that it offers.

Plex Media Server