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Every analogic text saved as a PDF you have can be editable thanks to PDF OCR X Community Edition


Very easy to use

It allows to keep and edit analogic files as PDF

It recognized text inserted on images

It identifies more than 60 different languages


It is not 100% effective

It recognizes PDF files, but there are not further formats recognized

PDF texts from unknown source or analogic scanned text could not be edited, but this eventuality was a problem in the past: PDF OCR X Community Edition is a utility that converts PDF into editable text.

PDF OCR X Community Edition comes to become a tailored solution to those people who have to deal with paper documents on a virtual environment. It is not just a utility to save and store documents, but it allows writing on the text too as it detects the text found on the PDF document.

To achieve maximum percentage of accuracy, PDF OCR X Community Edition has a database that recognizes more than 60 languages, so just by selecting the proper language in which the text is written (or it in supposed to be written) the document is going to appear as an editable text. In case the original language was not found on the list, the closer the language is the better results it gives!

Anyway, as a user who often deal with documents, you might have a little experience with software, so there is no need to point that it is not 100% precise, so before working on the text, it is advisable to check it, just in case.
Simplicity and practicity are two characteristics joined in this utility. Moreover they are the best reasons to download PDF OCR X Community Edition.

PDF OCR X Community Edition