Mac Tools

If you have ever dreamt your ideal Mac, your dream could have been quite similar to Path Finder


File management with a complete offer of tools that improve those offered by Finder


Although it could be very useful, its use is not always recommended: it is not an easy to use program by beginners

Apple devices are plenty of advantages. Most users point to different things that they like, but even the best can be better.  For example, Finder is a utility that most users like but it is easy to find some ways to improve its functions. No, we are not asking, as most of those improvements are added after the download of Path Finder, software thought to become Finder more useful.

Path Finder is a useful and complete tool for each user to have a tailored Finder. This program offers a wide selection of tools to customize the Mac interface: if you have ever dreamt your ideal Mac, now it can become true.

Managing folders and files in general, file editing or file deleting or practical keyboard shortcuts are some of the features integrated into Path Finder. But, as it has been said before, offering customization options are really a lot so it is not difficult to imagine that the functions are many more.

It sounds good, really good, too good that it is easy to imagine that it is too perfect. In fact almost perfect in case you are a professional that know how to deal with such a program, otherwise your dream Mac could become a real nightmare.

Finder can be good to some users, but there are some users that find it too simple and limited, if you are one of them, Path Finder is the utility you have been dreaming about for a lot time, so don’t waste one more second and download it right now!

Path Finder