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Windows and OSX united in a single device: it is not a joke, it is Parallels Desktop


Creation of Windows units on Mac


The stability of the SO Windows might not be as good as expected

To work with multiple OS is something that many professionals do often because it is the best way to take advantage from of each of them. The problem often comes when after having been using an operating system, it is required to move to another: problems are coming! The best is not to risk the integrity of the equipment by using a program like Parallels Desktop functions.

Once downloaded and installed, you have to open Parallels Desktop for Mac to install the required Windows OS on a virtual box, it is also possible to confer it some features. From that moment, whenever necessary, you can use the Windows OS installed on Mac without using two devices.

It is important to point that the installation disk of Windows Operating System is not included on the program, because it is only a virtual environment, and brings no a default Operating System. It may seem a disadvantage, but actually ensures further customization of content according to the specific needs of each user.

Some users report some problems when using Windows OS on Mac environment, after all, it is not the "usual" environment, but it is also a truth that having a Windows OS can be very useful for those working with multiple OS, whatever the reason is.

If you think this program might fit what you need, download Parallels Desktop and check it, it is free!

Parallels Desktop