Mac Tools

Why should you unzip all the disk to repair a single element on your OS Mac? Use Pacifist and get just the file you need!


Access to compressed files on installation CDs for Mac OS

File search functions.


The file formats that can be opened is not as varied as expected

OS Mac is noteworthy stability and it is not common to find a problem on the OS, but in case there would be one, it could be serious, so it could be needed to reinstall the entire OS removing all files from the compressed folder: what a long process! To solve the problem without unzipping all of them, Pacifist for Mac has been created. What are you waiting to find out its advantages?

Among the main features of Pacifist, it is included the access to the installation disk to select those files located on compressed folders that are necessary to fix the problem. Files could be opened to fix the problem, but they moved to folders on your computer or external drives, which adds a lot of advantages when performing maintenance tasks on your Mac.

In addition, Pacifist is very well thought out to purpose a useful tool of files’ management: behind the strange filenames, how do you know the functions of each of them? Well, with this software mishap does not exist, because the software is ready to identify the role that developed each file during installation. So if something is not working properly on Mac, it is easy to know the file that is required to fix it just by asking Pacifist.

You could say that Pacifist is a “must have” to keep the Mac OS running smoothly, by avoiding usual small problems, so worth downloading tool do not you think so?