Mac Tools

OSXFUSE works like a bridge to connect all your files, no matter their origin, if it is installed on Mac, the file can be opened


File converter for Mac.

Different files options and from all the OS.

Possibility of opening External Units.


Available for Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

Think in the actions to be taken to open a file on Mac: You locate it, you click on it, and here you go! But, it the file comes from another device, such as Linux or it was formatted in a Window PC, it is not so simple to open the file, a lot of complicate actions must be taken, and it is not said that they are going to be successful, or that Mac is not in danger… Much easier is the download of OSXFUSE, a software that allows the most of compatibility of the files from different origins.

HFS+ files can be opened on Mac, for the rest the answer is not, unless OSXFUSE has been installed. The program is a kind of bridge ready to make it possible to open different types of files, with no restriction due to the OS where it was created. And it is said “no restriction” because the list of compatible extensions it quite long: ext2, fat 32, sshfs, procfs, SpotlightFS, YouTubeFS, ntfs, loopbackfs, are just a part of the compatible files, but there are not just the only option.

The ideal OSXFUSE recipient is someone who works often with more than one OS and who manages files by using different OS, as the program is tailored to those needs. But it can also be used to open Mac external units which adds another good reason to download the software. Then, it is an open source software.

Despite all its advantages, it must be forgotten that this is a program that manipulates file systems, so it is a good idea to complete a backup before proceeding. But that is not a problem, it's worth downloading OSXFUSE.