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There are classic browsers, and then, those browsers that are thought to those who are looking for something different, those who choose Opera


Complete and interesting alternative to classic browsers

Available add-ons and plugins

Funny extra features


Most websites allow Opera technology, it means that there are some exceptions (just a few).

The characteristic that are expected to be found on a browser are speed, agility, and ease to use, if they are met there is not a reason to choose the most famous browsers, but the rest of options could also be considered… Opera is not on the top of the most popular browser and it was not developed by an almighty Company, but it does not mean that it is not as good as Chrome, Explorer or Firefox.

Opera, an agile, stable and fast browser

Agility, speed and stability are three of features that are found in the most popular browsers, but Opera has nothing to envy to other more familiar names as it owns the same characteristics. Why don’t we met a little better this interesting browser?

Agility is a feature directly related to this browser that lets user manages different websites at once, thanks to its characteristic tab system. In addition, it is possible to access to recently visited pages as last recently visited pages are shown every time the browser is opened is users wants so. It has a few extra management functions such as favorite pages or markers.

Speed is seen as soon as website address is written in the browser toolbar, as page loading time is very short, but behind the speed of Opera for Mac it is possible to find Chromium engine, the same as using Google Chrome.

By the way, who have fun just by surfing the net to find interesting things sure are going to enjoy the "Discover" feature. “Discover” gives user the chance of learning and discovering a lot of different things: it is the best way to have fun while surfing the net! And this is just one example of the tools offered by Opera for Mac, because it is not the only but it would be a pity to reveal more surprises, it is much better to download Opera and to find them out as a user.

An then, there are also add-ons and plugins that can be added from the online store, so the truth is that it is not difficult to realize that this is a browser that has little to envy others similar software.

Synchronization: that is the key of Opera to offer an excellent connection system

Opera is a browser that meets the expectations of Mac users, it even meets the expectations of those who connect from Mac, and from iPhone or iPad, because the browser offers synchronization of all the devices, which implies tailored surfing.

If you are looking for a reliable browser, trust Opera; if you want to look away from traditional browsers, welcome to Opera. In short, if you want an excellent browser, download Opera right now!