Mac Tools

The only expert you need for the maintenance and the optimization of your Mac is OnyX. Your device is going to run again!


Indispensable if user wants the device runs smoothy for ages thanks to the quantity of features included on it.


Some of the features are too difficult to understand and to be utilized by most users.

All right, as time goes by, computer runs slower and slower. It is so simple to blame time by the slow of your not-so-new Mac… Anyway, as the situation is always worse and worse, the result it to consult an expert, maybe a friend who knows about computering maybe a professional. But professional and reliable too is OnyX, a popular software that provides maintenance and optimization for Mac .

“There are just words” Sure these are your kind of thoughts right now, but OnyX hasn’t become famous thanks to the description written regarding its features, but by the number of Macs that have recover their speed after the download and installation of the program.

One of its functions is to locate hidden files, but it is also good at deleting cache on Mac and managing the authorization of the installed programs to check if they are updated. In short: the software keep an eye on every element that is installed on your Mac, it has everything under control, in case the device runs slowly, the software checks everything and finds out the reason. It something is not OK, its fate is sealed: either updated or deleted.

The installation of OnyX of Mac is the only action needed to get the device recover the initial functionality. If it is added that it works with Finder and Dock, which sets with astonishing skill, it is clear that the maintenance and the optimization properly done must be completed by OnyX.

The ultimate goal of OnyX is getting Apps, programs, Internet, and of course, the system go smoothly so, developers have included all tools needed to help it of get it goal, the fact is that it performs the maintenance and optimization way impeccable.