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Do you have to make a graphic? You can do it well, or you can present the best with OmniGraffle


It is practical and versatile

Very easy to use software

Export schemes with multi-format options


There is nothing particularly noteworthy

OmniGraffle is a practical application for Mac that has been developed to become the best friend anyone who frequently deals with graphs, conceptual maps or diagrams.

Such a description It could lead that OmniGraffle is a complicated tool for large companies that have to do very precise and "serious" presentations, but the truth is that this a very simple to understand program and it costs nothing understand how to develop schemes, graphs, and so.

The simple appearance is one of its strong point, because it implies that it this software is apt to anyone who needs to develop a conceptual map: from large companies that have to submit balance sheets, charts and similar, to students who want to have clear concepts before a test. That is, it is a very versatile program apt to everyone who needs to develop maps, presentations, graphs, and schemes... for whatever reason.

One could speak of customization options schemes in terms of structures, shapes or colours, but that is something that is expected of a program like this one. However, a point to comment is that the developed schemes are not "remaining" in OmniGraffle forever, but can be exported in different formats, which further increases the uses that can be attributed to OmniGraffle.

Do you have to develop schemes for your profession? Do you have to create a graph for your work? Do you need to organize your notes in schemes? Download OmniGraffle and begins to take advantage from its features. No need to make presentations on their profitability, because it is open source!