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If file renaming is a tasks you consider boring and annoying: NameChanger is going to become your best friend


Quick file rename system

Can be used to rename a single file, a section or a complete unity


The download is only recommended in case the user Works with load of files, otherwise the common rename method is alright.

What a drag having to manage a lot of similar files! It is really boring having to go file by file to each of them a new name, but it is even better when the change must be just one number, a sequence of letters or geographic code. Well, this boring activity no longer subtract your precious time as now you know NameChanger.

NameChanger proposes is a simple tool to rename a group of files by adding the elements deemed necessary for storage, editing, or so. Come on: that is the kind of perfect tool for those who deal with big amounts of image, video or text documents as this program you can rename files quickly by inserting the desired parameters.

NameChanger can be used to rename a single file, although it does its best when the quantity of files to be renamed is bigger. You can change the name of just a selection of files or all those contained in a unit, when entering data renowned (numbers, prefixes...). Changes are previewed while proceeding, but a click is required to confirm the change. There are not a many programs as easy to use as this one, and then is really useful!

To lose a few minutes to download NameCharger for Mac will mean saving hours and hours to change files one by one. The choice is simple…