Mac Image & audio

You let your DVD and Blue-Ray such as your needs and objectives MakeMKV


Access to every content supported on DVD or Blue-ray

Quick conversion into MKV

It deals with permissions and privileges: wherever there is a multimedia content, MakeMKV reaches it!

Resizing files tools

Compatible with a long list of different multimedia formats


File converter into MKV format, but there are no other available options

The name of MakeMKV makes it clear to understand that this utility is used for files with MKV format. But this program actually does something more complex than just converting certain multimedia files to a specific format, MKV in this case: its main function is to get contents from DVD or Blue-Ray become more profitable.

For example, if your desire is to reduce the weight of a folder to save it in your new Mac, it could help you though the conversion as after it will be done, files that are not used, as audio tracks or subtitles could be deleted.

One of the advantages of this utility for Mac is the fact that is deals with ownership restrictions or privilege it means that the access to highly protected files is possible too. In addition, the conversion of a file into a file with MKV format can be accomplished by resizing the file, which means significant reductions in storage space.

However, it should also be noted a minor inconvenience, this software allows conversion into MKV format, so there is no choice in the destination format. Instead there are other similar products with more than just one option. But neither should not be considered as a big problem if your objective is managing DVD or Blue-ray without complications, in that case we recommend to download MakeMKV.