Mac Tools

Maintaining Mac is no joke, but not have to be complicated ... better let Maintenance takes care of it!


Really easy to use. It is the perfect tool to those who are beginners in maintenance tasks for Mac


Those who have tried similar software, perhaps find it a little too “poor”

Good maintenance. This is all that your Mac needs to work perfectly for a lot of time. But we must not get too complicated: when maintenance Maintenance runs, it becomes a task as simple as downloading and letting it takes care of the rest. The best example of its simplicity is that Maintenance is its name; after all, maintaining tasks are its business.

Maintenance is responsible for implementing the periodic maintenance of your Mac by executing some basic actions:  it frees up hard disk space, cleans cache, removes traces of programs and files, updates permissions and, in short, gets rid of all these elements that add unnecessary weight to the system.  Its interface is one of the simplest that you are going to find in software, so is the maintenance program that suits those users who have no idea of maintenance of Mac or those who always forget to complete basic maintenance tasks.

It is simple, really simple. In fact, it is so simple that users that usually rely on other maintenance programs could find it too basic. Most of this type of software includes many more features than this one.

Apart from its ease of use, Maintenance for Mac is a light running program and its tasks go unnoticed to the user, and these are proves that we are talking about a proper tool to not have to worry too much for the system to work right.  And all for a very nice price: free!